5 Feb 2014

Final Collection.

I am currently in my final 3rd year at Norwich University of the Arts studying fashion. 

I am just showing you a glimpse of my ideas for my final collection.

illustration for my mood board.

I have been developing some prints that i can't wait to share with you soon. (just another 4 months).

21 Dec 2013

Illustrating Dinosaurs

As part of my themes for my previous design collection I looked into the Natural History museum and was inspired by the wealth of dinosaur silouettes and structures. These are a little few illustrations I have created to inspire my collection, which I will post soon. 

I wish you all a merry Christmas, and I better finish my University dissertation eppp and of course keep researching and designing for my final collection which I will be able to show you soon. 

16 Dec 2013


Creating a mood board from my illustrations of which I have been designing from.

My designs are inspired by architectural shapes and the colour palette is inspired by architectural elements.

15 Dec 2013


During my internship in London, I visited as many exhibitions as possible and of course this illustration is inspired by my visit to the Science museum.

13 Dec 2013


This is my latest designing progression from my previous Fashion design degree.

I was mainly inspired by my visit to the Natural History museum which informed my colour palette and silhouette. 

4 Oct 2013

What do you think about when you see each logo?

Please Could you help me for my University dissertation by commenting what you think about each logo wether its a emotional feeling and group identity of people etc.        





2 Oct 2013

Dissertation; Fashion Branding

I’m currently working on my dissertation at the moment, and I would really appreciate your help by answering these questions.

1. When you see this brand symbol for Chanel what do you automatically think about the brand? 

2. Which one would you like to buy and describe why you would like to buy it and describe why you wouldn't purchase the other  ?



3.  In terms of brand awareness, which of the following influences you to buy into a fashion brand?

a) seeing a celebrity wearing it.

b) Brand heritage.

c) Brands association with luxury. 

d) Story of the brand, that engages you.

4. When you buy into your favourite brand do you feel you create your identity/Ideal lifestyle through it,  if so; how do you feel you create your identity from this?